Some Facts About Suicide in Our Community

Male suicide accounts for the overwhelming majority of deaths by suicide. Completed suicides amongst men exceed those of women by approximately four to one in Australia and the U.S. and more than three to one in Britain and Europe overall.

In Australia (2008) of 1,710 deaths (78%) were male, with the highest rate being for males aged 40-44.

2/3 of men will die in their first attempt

Suicide rates in rural and remote areas are significantly greater than in urban populations. This appears to be especially true among young men in remote regions.

SA has a higher proportion of males who live outside major urban centres compared with the national average (72.4% versus about 66.6%, respectively).

The farm suicide rate was found to be 33.8 for men, 6.7 for women and 21.6 per 100,000 persons, much higher than the rural suicide rate for South Australia in 2001 (23.8 for men, 5.6 for women and 14.5 per 100,000 persons) according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Suicide in Australia, exceeds the national road toll, yet attracts little comparable publicity.

The majority of men at greatest risk of suicide are not successfully engaged by mental health services.

Most suicide victims who see their GP prior to death (even on the day of their death) present solely with physical complaints.