How to Come Together as a Family of an Addict

Family of an Addict

When someone you love has an alcohol or drug addiction, you spend all your time, energy, and resources trying to help them. Everything, including your own health and well-being, falls by the wayside as you try to make your loved one see that they might need drug rehab. Then, when they go into rehab, you realise that they are getting support – but what about you?

Your family may be struggling equally as much as your loved one with an addiction, and here’s what you can do to come together as a family.

Become Educated

When you don’t know precisely how addiction works, it can be hard to handle your emotions. You may get angry that your loved one is doing this to you on purpose, or upset that they knowingly hurt you. You may even think that they’re weak, selfish, or stubborn.

With some research, however, you can learn that addictions come from electrical impulse changes and brain chemistry alterations. Such knowledge can help you to let go of some of those emotions, and you may even find helpful tools that benefit your family as you deal with your loved one in drug rehab.

Go to Family Therapy

When someone has an addiction, it’s not just them that is suffering. It’s everyone around them. From that addict’s children and spouses to the addict’s parents and siblings; an addiction can impact everyone in the family. Such is the stress it can cause that it can end up tearing a family apart.

Once your loved one is in drug rehab, it’s time to pick up the pieces. Talk to your family about therapy sessions of which everyone can benefit. You can learn new tools about how to assist someone with an addiction, as well as how to help yourself and each other. Most importantly, you can learn how to communicate openly and express how you’re feeling.

Eat Together

Life can be busy enough with hectic work schedules, study, and schooling. When you throw an addict’s care into the mix, there’s a genuine risk of a family unit falling apart. One way to ensure everyone remains together is by making sure there’s room at the end of every day for a family meal and a debrief. Don’t underestimate the value of dining together.

Find Your Happiness

When you have been dealing with an addict in the family for so long, it can seem like there is no joy or happiness in your world. You have to find it. Take time out of your day with something fulfilling, such as sports, gardening, photography, or cooking.

While your loved one is in drug rehab getting the help and support they need, it’s time to rebuild your family unit. Eat together, attend therapy, get educated, and be a strong support network your loved one needs when they return.