How to Stop Drinking

Stop Drinking

Every month in a 12-month period, over 2,300 people typed “how to stop drinking” into a Google search engine. That’s 2,300 people who haven’t been able to stop drinking without assistance, need some handy tips, or think they could possibly have a problem that requires a drug rehab facility.

Not everyone understands that alcohol is a drug and that it can be addictive. It’s entwined in Australian culture and activities and is seen as a social norm, rather than a potential problem waiting in the wings.

The truth is, alcohol – whether it be beer, spirits or wine – is damaging. One in six Australians consume enough alcohol to put them at risk of an alcohol-related injury or disease, and one in five over 14 were a victim of an incident involving alcohol in 2016.

If you’re ready to admit that enough is enough, then read on. Here are a few things you can do to stop drinking and turn your life around.

Step One: Remove Alcohol from Your Home

Removing temptation is the first step to stop drinking. Get rid of any alcohol in your house and avoid places that sell it so that you don’t put yourself in an easy purchasing situation. If you make it challenging for yourself to access alcohol, you are less likely to give in to your urge to drink.

Step Two: Tell Someone

It can be a challenge to admit that you might have a drinking problem. You might feel embarrassed, ashamed, or nervous. But if you are 100 percent dedicated to stopping drinking, then it’s an important step to take. Once someone knows, you have a support person who can encourage you when you’re feeling at your lowest point.

Step Three: Find a Professional Service

It’s okay to have a support person – such as a friend or family member – but you might need a professional on your side as well. Look locally and see if you can find any alcohol support groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, or a drug rehab centre. Australia offers many free and affordable health services for drug addicts and alcohol abusers to receive help in getting back on track.

Step Four: Get Busy

During your drug rehab process or support sessions, you will learn about your inner strength, fighting your demons, and how to cope with daily life without alcohol as a crutch. It’s important during this time to also establish a routine and get busy. Think about activities you enjoy or used to before you started drinking. Form a new routine and habit that’s healthy and beneficial.

Becoming alcohol-free can feel like a long and lonely road, but it doesn’t have to be. You’ve made an excellent first step in wanting to stop drinking, so keep going! Ask for help at a high-quality drug rehab facility, and surround yourself with people who care. You’ll be on the road to an alcohol-free lifestyle in no time.