Can Men Use Waist Trainers?

Can Men Use Waist Trainers?

It was celebrities like Kim Kardashian that set off the global trend of waist trainers, even if many people had already been using them for some time. But what was interesting to note was that women weren’t the only people who could use them, even if the majority of marketing was aimed at them. If you’re wondering if men can use waist trainers, then the answer is a resounding yes.

Waist trainers allow your body to heat up, sweat more, and enhance your workout. A previously moderate workout routine can all of a sudden become an intense one. It’s not gender-specific.

Choosing a Men’s Waist Trainer

Of course, waist trainers for women are some of the most prevalent on the market, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find unisex and men’s waist trainers, as well. If you are buying one for a man, though, it pays to check the front.

Men tend to have rectangular-shaped bodies with bodyweight settling around the belly. Women, on the other hand, gain weight in the butt and hips region. Therefore, the type of waist trainer you buy should fit your body shape.

A man’s waist trainer should have a longer front that targets your waist and lower stomach area, which tends to be where any weight gain occurs. Some are taller, but not all men need that extra height.

It’s also a good idea to focus on the quality of the waist trainer. Some stockists are better than others when it comes to providing the right sizes and the right materials. Some of the best fabrics of which waist trainers are made include latex and a mixture of cotton and spandex for softness and flex.

If you’re not sure which size is for you, provide accurate measurements and allow a shop assistant – either in person or online – to assist.

Breaking in a Waist Trainer

If you’re a man who is new to waist training, then it’s crucial to break it in. This process involves wearing it for a few hours a day to “break in” the frame. Refrain from wearing it too tightly in the beginning, for at least the first month.

Choose a Suitable Workout

The whole idea behind waist trainers is to tone and shape your body. Weight loss can also occur when you complement your waist trainer with a healthy diet and an ideal workout routine. So, what does the best workout look like for waist training?

Well, it can depend on what you are trying to achieve. Getting rid of that stubborn belly fat can require core-targeting exercises like burpees, press-ups, and crunches. Cardio is also ideal for sweating, so walking, running, biking, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) may be worth your while.

When in doubt, ask the experts. Both fitness experts and waist trainer stockists can offer their ideas and advice. Waist training is something that both men and women can do, so what are you waiting for? If you’re trying to shift some stubborn weight and tone your body, it might be time to find the best men’s waist trainer for your needs.