Could Botox Prevent Irregular Heart Rhythms?

Could Botox Prevent Irregular Heart Rhythms?

Many people are aware that Botox is a botulinum toxin that’s effective for reducing facial wrinkles. It does this by blocking nerve signals that usually tell a muscle to contract. However, did you know that Botox may be able to prevent irregular heart rhythms?

What is an Irregular Heartbeat?

An irregular heartbeat is known as atrial fibrillation, and it can cause a number of heart-related complications, blood clots, stroke, and even heart failure. Atrial fibrillation is common in patients who have had bypass surgery. In fact, it affects around a third of patients, according to Arrhythmia Institute director Jonathan S. Steinberg.

However, new research by Jonathan Steinberg shows that Botox may have some potential for reducing those cardiovascular complications.

Botox for Preventing Irregular Heart Rhythms Study

In 2015, researchers assigned 60 bypass surgery patients to receive saline injections or Botox. The patients were chosen at random.

After 30 days, researchers observed a seven percent chance of developing an irregular heartbeat in those who had received a Botox injection into the fat surrounding their heart. In patients who received a saline injection, the chance was 30 percent.

Twelve months post-surgery, none of the patients who received Botox had atrial fibrillation. However, out of the 30 who received saline, 27 percent did.

Complications from both groups of patients were similar, but there were no complications caused by Botox reported. The results of the study were published in Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology.

What Does This Mean for Atrial Fibrillation Treatment?

Given the small size of the study group, the results of the first study must be replicated in a more extensive study. If they are achieved, then Botox could be used to prevent atrial fibrillation in bypass surgery patients.

According to Johnathan Steinberg, this study has opened a new line of thinking and research. He believes that Botox injections could become the standard of care for patients undergoing heart bypass and valve treatment. However, he doesn’t think they’re quite there yet.

What Else is Botox Used For?

Contrary to popular belief, Botox is not a treatment option for cosmetic reasons alone. In fact, it was first approved for use for eye spasms, rather than treating wrinkles.

Botox has also been used to treat migraines, excess sweating, urinary incontinence, neck spasms, sports injuries, and vaginismus, among other conditions. There is even growing evidence that it may offer relief from tennis elbow pain.

While Botox still has its place in cosmetic medicine, it’s a subject of many studies for the treatment of a variety of conditions that people suffer from.

Where to Get Botox in Australia?

In Australia, Botox injections can only be administered by qualified medical practitioners, such as registered nurses and doctors. Enrolled nurses may also be able to administer it, as long as they are under supervision and undertake extra training.

Botox is a schedule 4 cosmetic injectable, which means a doctor must prescribe it during a consultation.

Using Botox for preventing irregular heart rhythms means that this injectable shows excellent promise in the medical field. If you believe it could be right for you, make an appointment with a qualified medical practitioner.